Geometica is an artist collective with a common aesthetic of geometric abstraction, inspired from architecture, nature, physics, design and technology.

The core of this group are eight artists whose experience covers fine art painting, printmaking, public art and murals, and sculpture, with expertise in curatorial, design and installation of artwork.

As a collective, we offer a wide inventory of artwork, with the labor and capability to create installations with a united and unique vision.


  • Cubist Riot by David Noah Giles

  • Due West By C.J. Swanson

  • Cornelia, by Robin Wassong

  • Box and Askew by Rachel Holloway

  • Green Lines by Sarah Teasdale

  • The Effects of Human Communication, by John Osgood

  • Thunder By C.J. Swanson

  • Spartan, by Paul Young

  • Resting Upon by John Osgood

  • Cat's Cradle

    Prismatic Place by Rachel Holloway

  • Vermillion Drop by Sarah Teasdale

  • Binary Place by Paul E McKee